Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Ah, Tenby. It's been an annual day-trip for my family since I was too young to worry about sand in my sandwiches and under my nails. Memories of fighting seagulls away from my chips and buying bags of fudge from the sweet shop aren't as such memories as they are pretty regular occurrences. 

Seeing as this bank holiday was a bit of a wash-out and a write-off (sorry but I though August was meant to be sunny), I thought I'd reminisce back to last weekend and share some seaside photos. 

That view though...

It wasn't crazy sunny when we went this time, I was staying well away from that water, but still nice enough for a wander around and lunch al fresco. We dined at the South Beach Bar & Grill which is relatively new, maybe like a year or so old, well I definitely didn't go there as a child anyway. It's got good food and good views. Good times.

I still can't quite manage to get my head around photographing my meal before I eat it. How do bloggers resist the urge to tuck in the minute it's put in front of them? It might explain why they are so slim. Damn you willpower. If you couldn't tell, the pizza was good. Saying that, I pretty much think all pizza is good. Or basically anything covered with cheese, please. 

I love a god pastel paint job and Tenby certainly satisfies my needs. Why aren't all houses painted pretty colours? We also managed to unintentionally stumble across some sort of Summer Spectacular. I'm not entirely sure what it all involved but I saw some Irish dancers and a sword juggler on stilts. Just a heads up if that does happen to be your kind of thing. I don't judge.

Rubber dinghy or inflatable dolphin anyone? No chance you're getting me in a wet suit but nice try. 

Of course it wouldn't really count as a trip to the seaside without an ice cream and some sweets. I'm a mint choc chip girl through and through but when they guy at the counter told me they had Oreo flavour I was sold. Anywhere know where else I can get this? Because the cravings are coming back, and yes they are strong.

Where's your annual seaside haunt? Are you a fellow Tenby-goer? Let me know in the comments, and if you liked this post then follow VIXWILL on bloglovin' for more.

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  1. Ahhh I live near Tenby so this was so exciting for me to read haha! Tenby is absolutely gorgeous I love going down there in the summer! x