Sunday, 12 October 2014


Oh hello there. It looks like this blog has taken a little holiday over the last couple of weeks but it is only because a lot has been happening recently. Just over three weeks ago I moved from Cardiff, the city I have lived in for 22 years to London, the city of opportunity...and extortionate flat prices.

Anyone who knows me would probably say I'm a bit of a homebird. I like home comforts, I like not having to use Google Maps to find my way around and I like my dog, a lot. So deciding I wanted to take the leap and move in to flat with my friends in London come September was a pretty big deal. It's been something I've toyed with on and off ever since graduating last year and then all of a sudden the time had come and we were playing grown-up Tetris trying to fit all my belongings in to the boot of Dad's car. 

Now it isn't the first time I've lived out of my family home. During my three years at university I lived in shared houses with friends but being only 15 minutes from home I wasn't exactly spreading my wings. I wouldn't have changed it though, it was ideal. For the past year I've lived at home and it's been pretty much luxury.

So why move to an entirely new city where I'll be paying an outrageous amount of money on rent and travel, (my own money I'd like to add), and will have to return to student-style living? Well, quite frankly I weighed it up as either stay in a job at home that I didn't enjoy or go and chase my dream career. Unsurprisingly it was the latter and so far it seems to be paying off, I've already landed myself a social media internship, albeit unpaid, it's a lot closer to the dream than I would have been had I not moved. *round of applause* *bows* *thank you, thank you*. It's a shame really that getting the career you want means upping sticks and moving away from your family but it seems to be the case for a lot of graduates these days. 

Now the complete house-hunting process (or torture) is a whole different blog post. If you want it? After a few too many saturday evenings spent on the megabus, tears and exhaustion we found ourselves a place. If you have plans to move to London and people keep telling you how much of a nightmare it is to find somewhere to live on a budget, believe them, even if you don't want to hear it. 

It's a big change to make considering the longest I've ever gone without seeing my family isn't much more than a week or two. A lot of people have been genuinely surprised that I've fled my home town, I'm sure assuming I wouldn't actually be brave enough to make the move. Well, I have, so there. Of course I'll be visiting home often but here's to a fresh start and new beginnings, and apparently suddenly becoming all kinds of cheesy. Oh and being a massive tourist disguising as a 'blogger'. 

Have you made a big change recently or considered moving to London? Let me know in the comments!