Thursday, 16 April 2015

Current Wishlist | Fashion

It's official - the weather is changing. Away with the roll necks and extra thick socks, it's finally acceptable to wear sunglasses outside without looking like a dickhead. Ok, so I'm not quite ready to release my pasty legs from their denim comfort and my toes are still staying firmly covered but it's time to start looking towards more weather-appropriate clothing. Saying this, even though spring is now firmly on the cards, my current wishlist isn't exactly full of the pretty pastels and brights you might expect. I don't know why, I guess it's just because they are easier to wear, but I'm still gravitating towards the monochrome and neutral tones. I'm not quite ready for the neons yet but here's a few things I have been lusting over recently..

I blame Beautycrush's Sammi for this one - though she obviously looks way cooler than I would in it. Missguided have recently put up a mustard version too - I want both. 

For the majority of spring/summer you'll see me in a some form of white tee and jeans - I need to add this one to my collection. 

Possible birthday night out dress? Hmm..

An alternative to the roshe runs every one has at the moment. Also if you fit in to the junior size they're a bargin. Yay for childlike proportions! 

The ultimate 'jeans and heels', drinks with the girls top. 

Ooo shiny. 

What have you been loving recently?

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