Saturday, 20 June 2015

Amigos | Shepherd's Bush

If there's one thing I love it's a good burger. You could give me a menu full of exciting fancy things and I'd probably still pick a burger every time. They are the main reason I couldn't go vegetarian. Sorry cows. So if you're like me, and a new burger joint opens round the corner from you, you go there...and you take photos of it.

Amigo's Burgers and Shakes does what it says...burgers and shakes, but with a cool 'vibe' that stands out among the, um, questionable calibre of eateries on the road - to put it nicely. There is a strong 'hat' theme throughout the decor...randomly.

We went just a few days after it opened and it was pretty clear that the staff were still figuring things out. We were told we could only select from a limited menu as they hadn't had everything delivered yet. That was a shame because we really wanted the sweet potato wedges but had to have the 'boring fries'. I'm not being rude, that's genuinley what they are called on the menu and they kind of lived up to their name. The burger was really good though. Plus points for bricohe bun and burger sauce, minus points for clearly frozen chips.

I'm not really in to shakes but there is a pretty extensive menu of those as well - I'm talking oreos, snickers, m&m's - you name it they have it. Well they might have it, apparently nothing is certain in this place. 

The food was actually really reasonable too which was great so I'd definitely go back - I think I'll just wait until they've got themselves sorted with the menu first!